Land of Pizza

445 West Broadway, Boston

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Land of Pizza

445 W Broadway, Boston, MA 02127, USA
(617) 269-4442

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11:00 AM – 8:30 PM
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11:00 AM – 8:30 PM
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In the last week

Unfortunately, for comment purposes, I’m giving 1 star but I didn’t want it. This restaurant's employees and the manager are very very unprofessional and rude; especially with Uber, door dash drivers. Last year when I went, manager did very misbehave with me. I thought I'm black that's why. Today my father as a Uber driver went to pick up food. It was $24.49 order. He entered and showed the customer's name. One employee said they are going to close and they are not making any food. At the same time, the manager entered and he said to my father with a bad attitude “Why are you here? Get out“! My father was totally surprised. What kind of manager is he who has no politeness, no education and he doesn't know how to respect people? My father was a school teacher (12) years when he was our country. This place is racist. I wouldn't recommend it. But I’m requesting to owner of this restaurant, he needed to discharge this manager immediate. Otherwise his business will be down.

3 years ago

This pizza is incredible! We went here after a day at Carson Beach, its a short bike form the beach and their pizza can’t be beat! We had the Melazine Pizza minus the onions (personal preference) and it was delicious! We will definitely be coming back! Aside from great pizza the staff are also very nice and welcoming !

3 years ago


Ordered delivery from here for a work party I was having. They came early which was nice and were perfectly friendly.


Ordered 3 pizzas: Cheese, Frankie's Favorite pizza (veggie), and Lando's Special pizza (basically a meat lovers + veggies). Pizza was pretty good, nothing special. Lando's was probably my favorite (but I'm partial towards meat).

Mozzarella sticks - I mean, mozzarella sticks will be good no matter what but the cheese wasn't warm enough to take a bite and have it ooze, it basically came out of the fried shell when I bit in.

Salads - we ordered 2 garden salads and 1 Grecian kitchen salad. All came on a base of iceberg which I was not expecting and didn't love. No one even touched the garden salads because it was essentially iceberg with thickly-sliced tomatoes. Lesson learned: don't get salad from these types of pizza places.

Not my favorite pizza place experience. They also didn't leave any forks for the salads we ordered so we had to scavenge around for them. A miss there.

4 years ago

My manager and colleague often order food from here so I decided to try. My favorite chicken parm with ziti was served hot and very tasty.
Store is very clean also.
Definitely will try more different dishes from here.

3 months ago

This place is racist. I went and asked for two slices of pizza and was told we don’t serve slices. But a few months ago my friend , who is white got slices from there. Anyway , they will never get money from me or anyone I know of color. After all they are not the best anyway.