The Upper Crust Pizzeria

20 Charles Street, Boston

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The Upper Crust Pizzeria

20 Charles St, Boston, MA 02114, USA
(617) 723-9600

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11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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11:00 AM – 11:00 PM
11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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It’s always been as much about the people as the pizza. From the moment we welcomed our first customer to our original shop on historic Charles Street in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood back in 2001, all of us at Upper Crust Pizzeria have lived to see the look. You know, that look where one bite makes you realize you’ve just discovered something amazing. Maybe even life changing. If you think that’s a little much, consider this: to us, pizza is life. And some days, we know it is to you, too.

So we take our pizza seriously. Like, from scratch seriously. We believe the only way to achieve amazing is with fresh. Every morning, we make our famous dough fresh by hand. We prep our toppings fresh. And for our sauce we grow tomatoes on our own special vines at a local farm, fresh as the day they were handpicked and mixed with just the right herbs and spices—cooked once and only once, right on your pizza. All so that slice ends up in your hands, crazy fresh.

We’re so proud of our process that we’ve designed our pizzerias so you can watch. We invite you into our open kitchens to watch the dough for your pizza being rolled ultra-thin in the famous Neapolitan style. To get a bit giddy when you see your toppings fall into place. To have your heart skip a little beat when your pie goes into our artisan stone deck oven for the finishing touch—and comes out hot, with that perfect yin and yang of charred and airy on the bottom, melted and savory on top.

Think of us as a new spin on a familiar story. We’re the traditional pizzeria you’ve always loved at heart, but in a modern space that just feels—in a word—fresh. We build our shops from the ground up, with some of that original Boston spirit baked right in. You might even catch a wicked good, if you listen.

While you’re here, you’ll discover our real secret: our people. From the cashier to the pizza-maker to the delivery guy on his way out the door, you never know when a friendly hello will turn into a little more. We’re people-people. And we take care of our people, always looking to help them grow as we do.

Now with 10 shops in the US and 5 internationally, growing is what we’re doing a lot of lately. And in each new neighborhood where we hang our sign, we find ways—small and big—to give something back. We’re about community, too. Because pizza brings people together, and so should we.

But our pizza? Also brings people back. It’ll be nice to see you again soon.


We live to put a little BETTER in your day with everything we do. That means teaming up with proven local vendors and organic farms to handpick premium ingredients. It means building a team that lives and breathes our values. With every bite of our delicious award-winning thin crust pizza, you’ll realize that you’ve just discovered something amazing. Something BETTER.


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4 months ago

Good service, in and out quick ! Slice was delicious, spacious area plenty of seating options. I’ve been craving this pizza ever this the first time having it. It’s the closest thing to authentic nyc style
Pizza in my opinion. There only so many good pizza
Shops and this is definitely one of those good finds. I look forward to getting a whole pie next time and maybe even one for the road !

3 months ago

Always a glitch. Every time I order from this location they screw up my order. Last week I ordered pizza and wings. Forgot the wings. So I called back and the girl said to call the next day. So I call the next day . The girl says the manager will be in the following day. Guess what? I'm the customer and I'm not chasing you down to correct YOUR mistake. I'm finished ordering from this location. And did I mention it took TWO hours to get the order?

A week ago

Great pizza! Very thin crust so isn't as filling as normal pizza. Pizza is a good size and service was pretty good to takeout.

2 weeks ago

Great slice pizzas, it was so delicious and was made with a amazing pizza dough and spices. Staff are so friendly and I loved their customer service

2 months ago

A five is rare. So it's a 4+. It's a small clean place. Service was quick, polite. My pizza was great, cooked to my liking with great toppings.